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Brenton House

Vice President, Digital Evangelism, Software AG


As a API and Digital Transformation strategist, I equip enterprises with API and integration solutions to drive innovation and their overall business growth. In my 25+ years of API experience I’ve worked across several industries including: Broadcasting, Government, Advertising, Retail, Financial services, Supply chain, Transportation, Technology, Publishing, Non-Profit, And more!

This has provided me the opportunities to gain a breadth of knowledge on all things API. My diverse and creative skill sets combined with my interest in integration strategy has enabled me to equip organizations in creating captivating and innovative products that delight users. I’ve also led several teams in developing solutions that help enterprises realize value from making their products consumable through smart adoption of APIs and integration.

As part of the Software AG team, I’m connecting enterprises with relevant API, integration, and microservice solutions to capitalize their business value and accelerate digital transformation. If you’re curious about API solutions, best practices, or Software AG in general, feel free to connect and reach out in a message!


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