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Jason Kent

Hacker In Residence at Cequence Security


Results driven Information security professional (who isn’t?) that likes to roll up his sleeves and get it done. I learned how to be part of a team in the United States Submarine Service, if we all pull more than our weight we will easily overcome any obstacle. I have guided products up from unrecognizable in the market with low percentage penetration to easily recognized best practice solutions. My methods focus on the customer journey and customer satisfaction at every stage of the game. My leadership methodology is to find passion and get out of its way, while enabling behaviors that make any single person part of the team.

My goal is to be a key part of a successful environment, typically I become the go-to person and enjoy working for the go-to company.

I have a diverse Information Security, Networking and IT background and generalist level of knowledge for most pieces of the IT spectrum including Firewalls (L3-7/WAF), Security Architecture, Security Controls and Security Infrastructure. Leading sales into F100 organizations that enjoy my level of effort and level of service, is where I really shine.


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