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Jeremiah Roe

Solutions Architect (DoD), SynAck


I am a senior Cyber-Security professional looking to collaborate, network, and share insight. I have experience in Red Teaming, Network Penetration Testing, Web Application Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Cyber-Operations, War-Gaming, Network Operations, Military, Training, Report Writing, and Business Management.

I am a dynamic and highly motivated individual, determined to create and complete goals to the best of my ability. I am Hardworking, personable, and positive. I believe in creating a positive working environment that is also productive, orderly, and has an open atmosphere for building profitable relationships.

I have strong evaluation, planning, and leadership skills developed by my time in the Marine Corps. I am a resourceful, life-long learner, embracing knowledge and technology as tools for improved problem-solving effectiveness. I am experienced in successfully recognizing security vulnerabilities, prioritizing tasks to meet business objectives, and developing solutions that improve the efficiency of remediation efforts.

Lastly, I have the motivation and drive to be an asset in any situation. I consistently present a high-profile, professional demeanor, complemented by a positive, “can-do” attitude. I am a person that thrives when faced with a challenge, and I subscribe to the philosophy that everything has an answer, and every problem has a solution.


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