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Kuldeep Pisda

Backend Developer, Goldcast


I’m Kuldeep, a full stack developer by profession and an entrepreneur from heart.

Ever since my childhood (when I was 10 years old), I began playing with computers. Back then, we were taught Turtle at primary school. I also used to type my name in a notepad and could take a neet print of the same.

However, I fell in love with tech much later when I chose “Computer Science” as my additional subject in 2015. So, after finishing high school, I chose Computer Science as my engineering stream at the National Institute of Technology Raipur (NIT Raipur or NITRR).

I met and listened to some wonderful speakers and entrepreneurs, namely Aditi Chourasia, which inspired me to become an entrepreneur in an E-Summit by Entrepreneurship Cell NIT Raipur in 2016.

I started my journey as a freelance developer and started participating in hackathons. We won a few, Smart India Hackathon 2019 being notably the biggest win so far.

I worked with several startups from around the globe. For some, I developed some solutions. For some, I fixed some issues. And it is still going on.

In the past few years, I got to judge a few hackathons at local engineering institutes, i.e. at Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg (BIT Durg or BITD) and the International Institute of Information Technology Naya Raipur (IIITNR).

In the journey, I tried to set up my first venture HappyChases Media Works PVT LTD. But failed due to unreadiness and various other factors. However, I have learned a lot and moving on to some new things.

I worked with another startup Codevector Labs and led several projects that included various startups and government bodies.

Currently, I am a Software Engineer at Goldcast. At Goldcast I am working as a Backend and SRE. I have set up monitoring on our whole AWS infrastructure and various services we have built and working on refining them.


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