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Nina Alli

Executive Director of the BIOHACKING VILLAGE


Janine has 15 years of experience in the NYC ambulatory and hospital environments for managing the complexities of modernization of legacy systems within the healthcare industry. Her journey began when electronic medical records, associated IoMT devices and applications connectivity, were conceptually new and laws were being adapted to meet the novel technologies. From this insight, as Co-Founder and
Executive Director of the Biohacking Village ( for the past seven years, Janine has taken the lessons and experiences to grow nine talks to five labs designed to engage and educate folks on the aspects impacting practices of care to focus on the biotechnology, citizen science, and cybersecurity of the healthcare industry and biomedical ecosystem.

During a three year hiatus from the medical community, Janine worked in the financial sector to ascertain how they overcame the industrial crisis and worked towards refining their laws, rules and regulations to enhance their future functionality and bring their innovation tactics, techniques and procedures into the biomedical ecosystem and healthcare industry.

Janine is a member of the Infragard NYC Metro Chapter, and has participated in their Cyber Medical Conference in 2018. With continued focus on education, she was an iQ4 Mentors Council at John Jay University and gives talks with focus on Electronic Medical Record, Infrastructure, Interoperability, Resilience, IoT Connected Medical Device, and Micro Sectors within healthcare. Janine has also worked on a microfluidics device to decrease lab result time to thirty minutes at the NYU Veterans Future Lab.

Janine has two Masters degrees, Biomedical and Health Informatics as well as Translational Medicine. She is currently working on a third Masters Degree from King’s College London on International Relations, with a focus on warfare. She is a Presidential Innovation Fellow, Marine Corps veteran and continues to work with various US Combatant Commands.


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